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Still Exhibit Auction

Saturday, July 20, 2024


  • An Exhibitor may sell one lot in this auction.

  • Cloverbuds will not be able to sell in the auction.

  • Exhibitors must register for the Still Exhibit Auction by June 8, 2024 when the Google Forms close.  Exhibitors who fail to register by the time listed may still sell with a $25 late entry fee.  Late entries will sell last and may or may not be included in any printed material.

  • Final decision for project description/recipe name needs to be emailed to Becki at no later than July 10, 2024.

  • All food items to be sold must be a duplicate of what the exhibitor has judged.  All food items must be whole (pie, cake, etc), a full dozen (cookies, bars, etc) or the quantity that is required for judging (example-canned goods). The attached recipe card should be normal size (3.5” x 5” or 5” x 7”-preferably a duplicate of the card used for judging) card.  All food items must have been properly stored (kept refrigerated if needed).

  • If you are selling a still exhibit (other than food item), you may make a duplicate item to be sold and given to the buyer the night of the auction.  If you choose not to make a duplicate item for the sale, you will need to tell the superintendent of the department, at the time of judging, that you will be removing the item for the auction.  The buyer will not be given the item after the sale (unless you made a duplicate item).  The still exhibit item must be returned to the exhibit building and remain at the fair for the week.  It is your responsibility to pick up the item when exhibits are released and take the item to the buyer or buyer can pick up when exhibits are released.  Exhibitors who do not deliver sold projects forfeit their sale proceeds.

  • The exhibitor must be present to sell their project.

  • Dress code:  nice jeans/dress pants or skirt, dress shirts (show attire.)

  • A 6% commission will be deducted from all auction lots.

  • Order of sale TBD.

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