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Superintendents: Ben Bryant, Emily Torres, Ashleigh Bryant, Ryan Filhart, Andy Filhart  

Entered - Sunday  3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Showmanship will be Wednesday 9:00 a.m.

Judging will follow immediately.


1.  Beef weigh-in date shall be determined by the superintendent and limited to beef breeds only. Each exhibitor may weigh in a maximum of two steers at this time. Option A - Each exhibitor may bring two steers to the fair. Option B - Within immediate families having more than one exhibitor, each exhibitor may weigh in one steer each, with one steer weighed in as a “family alternate.” Each exhibitor may bring only one animal. The “family alternate” must be designated and recorded with the superintendent at first weigh in.

2.   There will be no replacement of steers after 120 days from weigh-in date.  Replacement animals must be tagged by appropriate superintendent and will not be eligible for rate of gain competition.

3.  To qualify for sale, steers must weigh-in on entry day and weigh at least 900 pounds. Beef weighing less may be shown in showmanship classes only, but not sold.

4.  An exhibitor may show 2 steers regardless of class, but will be allowed to sell only one.

5.  Classes will be divided so that nearly an equal number of steers will be shown in each weight class.

6.  Charts must be posted above steers showing beginning weight show weight and daily rate of gain.

7.  Be sure to read general rules and special rules for sale of livestock.

8.  Classes will be by weight only, with all breeds shown in the same classes.

9.  First and second place steers in each class will be eligible for Champion class.

10. Some classes listed may not be used, dependent on total number of steers.

11. All steers must be dehorned, no stumps over 2 1/4” high. No stags will be shown.

12. Grooming Regulations:  Use of false tail heads or adding of hair or hemp is prohibited. Coloring agents, except powders, may only be used on the legs and tail switch. Use of powders are prohibited. NO coloring agents may be used above the animal’s flank. This includes colored show foams. NO forced administration of fluids to create gut fill will be allowed. Violation will result in forfeiture of auction sale privileges.

13.  Exhibitors may choose to show a heifer or steer in beef showmanship.

14. Any animal born and raised in Isabella County may participate in Isabella County Bred Show.

15. Heifer classes shall be determined by the superintendent.

16. Prospect steers will not be run through the auction. Maximum weight on a prospect steer is 700lbs.

17. Market heifers must be pregnancy checked. Proof of pregnancy checking must be provided on the first Sunday of the fair.  Pregnancy check must be done no earlier than 30 days prior to the fair weigh in.





97 – 98    8 year old                                            

99-100     9 year old            

101-102   10 year old          

103-104   11 year old



105-106   12 year old            

107-108   13 year old

109-110   14 year old

111 -112    15 year old



 113-114   16 year old

 115-116   17 year old

 117-118   18 year old

 119-120   19 year old




125 Market Steers

126 Prospect Steers

127 Market Heifer 




155 Weight

156 Weight

157 Weight

158 Weight



Heifer and cow classes will be determined by superintendents


161 Breeding Stock

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