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Superintendents: Lisa Filhart, Kapre Filhart, Amy Vogel, Katherine Squire, Joe Methner, Brianna Moeggenborg                   


Enter - Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Judging  -  Tuesday 8:00 a.m.


1.   The swine show will be a Gilt and Barrow Show. Each swine exhibit shall exist of two barrows, or two gilts or a combination of either. Champions will be selected in the following categories: Champion Barrow, Champion Gilt, Reserve Champion Barrow, Reserve Champion Gilt and Supreme Champion. Each exhibitor may choose from the following options: Option A - Each exhibitor may tag three pigs by the May tag date. Each exhibitor may bring up to two hogs to the fair to be shown. Option B - Within immediate families having more than one exhibitor, each member may tag two pigs. One separate pig may be tagged as the “family alternate”. Each exhibitor may bring only two animals to the fair to be shown. The “family alternate” must be designated and recorded with the superintendent by the May tag date. If an exhibitor has two same sex animals in the same weight class, they may seek assistance from another person, aged 8-19.

2.   There will be no replacement of market swine after 30 days from the May tag date. Replacement animals must be tagged by an appropriate superintendent.

3.   Charts must be posted above animals showing show weight.

4.   To qualify for sale, hogs must weigh-in between 220 and 300 pounds to qualify for the sale. Animals
weighing less may be shown in showmanship classes only, but not sold.

5.   Ear tags must be readable at fair weigh-in. Excessively dirty hogs may be turned away to be washed before being unloaded.

6.   It shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor to make arrangements with the superintendents for removal of animals from the fairgrounds between 4:30 am Sunday and 6 am Sunday for hogs not sold at the auction or hogs not going to slaughter. Any hogs remaining after 6 am Sunday shall be shipped for resale.

7.   The wash bay will remain available for the purpose of only cooling swine on show day.

8.  Hog barn hanging waterers may not be attached or tied to gates. If exhibitor wishes to supply their own
water, hanging waterer may be tucked overhead out of the way. If hanging waterers are attached to gates, attachments
will be removed by the Superintendent(s).

9. Tag in will be completed at the fairgrounds on the first Sunday in May.

10.   All breeds will be shown together in the market classes.

11. All hogs must have a minimum hair length of one half inch. Hogs with less than one half inch hair length shall be disqualified and will not be allowed to show or sell. NO CLIPPING OF HOGS DURING FAIR WEEK.

12. Read General Rules and Special Rules for the Auction Sale of Livestock.



     JUNIOR DIVISION              


     296-298    8 year old

     299-301     9 year old                 

     302-304   10 year old                 

     305-307   11 year old



     308-310   12 year old                  

     311-313   13 year old

     314-316   14 year old

     317-319   15 year old



     320-322     16 year old

     323-325     17 year old

     326-328     18 year old

     329-331     19 year old




     351 - 353  Weight Gilt

     354 - 356  Weight Gilt

     357 - 359  Weight Gilt

     360 - 362  Weight Gilt

     363 - 365  Weight Gilt

     366 - 368  Weight Barrow

     369 - 371  Weight Barrow

     372 - 374  Weight Barrow

     375 - 377  Weight Barrow

     378 - 380  Weight Barrow

    Classes will be divided into additional weight groups

    providing the number of entries warrant a division.

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