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Membership in the Isabella County Youth and Farm Fair Society is open to any person exhibiting, contributing, or participating in or to any activity sponsored or conducted by the Society. Membership dues are $15.00 per year per person. Each paid member is entitled to one vote at a meeting of the membership.




OFFICERS: Steve Recker (President), Rod Dent (Vice President), Pat Travis (Treasurer), Amy Vogel (Secretary), Deb Acker, Jerry Benchley, Ed Filhart, Ed Lynch, Jerry McDonald,                                   



*Monica Jean............................... Extension Educator                                         *Tobin Hope.................. Isabella County Board of Commissioners

*Kristi Schreiber....................... 4-H Program Coordinator                               *Jerry McDonald.................... Isabella County Livestock Producers

*Nonie Gross.............................. Extension Secretary                                        Tammy Prout.......................... Historical Village

Paul Murray............................ Mt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce                   *Doug Stevens......................... Dairy Boosters

Ongria Dow................................ County 4-H Program Council                           Deb Acker............................... Advertising and Space   

*Trevor Bechtel........................ Isabella County Farm Bureau                           Michael Main..........................lsabella County Sheriff


*Officially Recognized Appointed Directors


CO-EXPO BOARD MEMBERS: George Green, Aftin Ruhle, Ron Sanders, Rod Dent, Steve Recker, Patrick Travis


District No. 1 - Terry Hutchinson, 3636 Gilmore Rd., Weidman                 District No. 5 - James Moreno, 1015 Andre St., Mt. Pleasant

District No. 2 - Frank Engler, 1798 W. River Rd., Mt. Pleasant                    District No. 6 - David Ling, 914 S. Crapo St., Mt. Pleasant

District No. 3 - Jerry Jaloszynski, 3666 S. Shepherd, Shepherd               District No. 7 - Tobin Hope, Mt. Pleasant

District No. 4 - Jim Horton, 3089 Hunter Trail, Mt. Pleasant







1.     Entries must be made with the Superintendent in charge of the department.

2.     Exhibitors assume all risk in exhibiting livestock and other products.

3.     The Isabella County Fair Society will not be responsible for loss, damage or injury to livestock, other exhibits, or spectators. All possible precautions will be taken to prevent any loss or accidents.

4.     The release of all animals requires check out with a superintendent and not before 4:30 am the second Sunday of fair – dairy projects excluded. 

5.     The Executive Committee of the Fair Board will have all exhibits under their control and every precaution possible will be taken to ensure their safety and protection; however, the Fair Society will not be responsible for any damages or losses that may occur, and only upon this condition are entries received.

6.     Enter all non-animal exhibits on the first Saturday of the fair, including foods, outdoor cooking, etc.

7.     All entries must be made in the name of the owner.

8.     An award shall not be awarded when the animal or article is judged unworthy, even though there is no competition.

9.     No entries will be accepted for any animal or article not listed in the fair book or posted online.

10. Each Superintendent will have full charge of the entries in his/her division.

11. Violation of any of the rules and regulations can mean forfeiture of all privileges and premiums without recourse.

12. Capable judges will be selected by the Fair Management for all divisions.

13. Any complaints or protests should be in writing and must be presented to the Executive Committee on or before the last day of the fair.

14. Special rules for each department or division take precedence over the general rules and regulations.

15. Ribbons and rosettes will be awarded for all places as listed for each class, unless otherwise specified.

16. There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed on the fairgrounds.

17. There is no drug testing policy in place at this time for our fair.

18. GOLF CART/VEHICLES POLICY: Operators must have a valid driver’s license.  Golf cart/vehicles must always be operated in a safe and orderly manner. Golf cart/vehicle must have a permit at a cost of $25.00 purchased at the Fair Office.  The permit must be displayed on the golf cart/vehicle and be visible.  All golf carts/vehicles must possess an insurance policy that provides a minimum $300,000 liability insurance coverage for operation of the vehicle on the fairgrounds.  The written document of this coverage must be submitted when the vehicle is registered. The operator may not transport more individuals than the vehicle has manufactured seats for. Vehicles must park in the designated area provided. Vehicles may not be driven in restricted areas such as:  Midway, any paved areas around buildings. Speed limit of 10 mph must be followed.  Golf carts/vehicles violating the speed limit will be asked to leave the grounds immediately. The intent of golf cart/vehicles on the fairgrounds is to assist with animal chores, transportation of guests with limited mobility and official fair activities. No recreational or sightseeing usage allowed at any time. NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.   If any of these rules are broken the vehicle must be removed from the grounds or immobilized.  Failure to do so may result in possible expulsion from the grounds and/or loss of campsite. Board Members, Superintendents and Sheriff Patrol will be monitoring these rules.

Camper Fees $150.00 per week. Contact Deb Acker at 989- 400-1082, after April 1.


There will be no admission charge at the gate. Parking charge for auto will be made at the rate of $5.00 daily or $15.00 weekly.



Monica Jean......................................................... Extension Educator                      Kristi Schreiber....................................... 4-H Program Coordinator

*Award and trophy donors’ names are listed in the back of the fair book.




1.     Entries in still exhibits, small animals, and horses are open to all duly enrolled members of the 4-H clubs in Isabella County or to any regular enrolled FFA member in Isabella County.  These entries must be preregistered by June 14th.  Entries in been, dairy feeders, swine, and sheep are open to all youth residing in Isabella County ages 8-19 based on their age as of January 1st of the current calendar year.  These entries must be preregistered with department superintendents upon initial tag in.

2.     To be eligible to participate in the 4-H division of the Isabella Youth and Farm Fair, a member must meet the 4-H age requirements.

 "4-H age" will be determined by a young person's age as of January 1, 2024. The current 4-H program year runs from September 1, 2023 through August 31, 2024. 

3.     An exhibitor may exhibit only such articles or animals that pertain to the projects in which the exhibitor is enrolled.

4.     FFA members who are also 4-H members cannot enter two exhibits in the same class.

5.     All General Rules must be read and followed carefully.

6.     All 4-H and FFA exhibits will be judged together in the various divisions.

7.     4-H and FFA members may show livestock in open class where non 4-H and FFA entries are in competition.

8.     All entries must list the member’s name, years in the project, name of club, section and class.

9.     All exhibits, except livestock, will be judged on the basis of the A-B-C or Blue, Red and White Ribbon group system.  Ribbons will be awarded according to the placing in this system. 

10. All exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen while on the fairgrounds by being respectful of the rights of others and assuming their assigned responsibilities.

11. Each club and/or exhibitor is responsible for supplying help for clean-up of exhibit area.

12. Exhibit areas with 4 or less exhibits (except livestock) will be awarded a champion award only if an exhibit is deemed worthy by the judge. Reserve champion award will be given if an exhibit is deemed worthy by the judge.

13.  Dogs are not allowed on any part of the fairgrounds except in the showing area, and only on the day of the show. 

        Exception: Leader Dogs for the Blind.

14. Youth must be aged 5-7 on January 1 of exhibit year to enroll in the Isabella County 4-H Cloverbud Program. Cloverbuds must be enrolled with the extension office by June 14 of the current year. Fair entries will be evaluated and all exhibitors will receive participation ribbons.

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