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4-H Cat show:  First Sunday of Fair Week, 1pm

Cloverbud evaluation will be at the end of the 4-H Cat show. The show will be held in the small animal barn.


Mary Anne Tompkins...............................Superintendent

REGULATIONS: No female in heat or obviously pregnant, or cat with litter is to be exhibited.



1. Members are responsible for the training, feeding and care of their fair project (cat or kitten) while in their possession before fair.

2. Member’s project animal(s) may be purebred or a household pet.

3.   FVR-CP and Rabies inoculations are required for all cats shown at the fair. Any feline that has the Rabies inoculation two years in a row, is not required to have additional inoculations the following three years. All shots should be secured no later than June 15. The certificate of these inoculations from the veterinarian is to be available for review on show day.

4.   All cats and/or kittens must be owned by the member prior to May 1.

5.   Cats and/or kittens are to be brought to the fair in a carrier suitable for their size. On the day of judging, cats and/or kittens are to be exhibited and taken home the same day.

6.   Animal must be able to be handled by owner. Members must enter and show a cat and/or kitten in order to enter the poster and decorated cage classes.

7.   Decisions of the judge are final. Any complaints, improvements, or suggestions are to be given in writing and presented to the Small Animal Association.

8.   All 4-H Cats must have their nails clipped, a safety factor for member and judge.

9.   A 4-H cat and/or kitten will be marked down if any of the following are found by the 4-H Judge:

             a. Knots in the hair

            b. Ear mites, fleas or lice

            c. Unhealthy or dirty general appearance

10. Judging will include:

            a General appearance and condition

            b. Temperament and proper handling

            c. Hair coat, paws, nails

            d. Body build

11. Reserve Champion Feline Showmanship will only be awarded if there are four or more entries AND only if the judge warrants.

12.  Shots must be completed by June 15.


Classes (animal & member age classification):

1101 Senior Cat Showmanship; ages 15- 19.  Must do showmanship to do cat carrier and education.

1102 Junior Cat Showmanship; ages 8-14. Must do showmanship to do cat carrier and education.

1103 Decorated Cat Cage; ages 8 -19

1104 Senior Cat Education; ages 15-19.  Must include poster and presentation

1105 Junior Cat Education; ages 8 -14.  Must include   poster and presentation.

1106 Cat Project Records




Alecia Devantier & Madeline Devantier...……….…Superintendents


Judging (4-H, Cloverbud, Open): Thursday, 11:00am.

Check-in animals 30 minutes prior to the show.

Animals will be taken home immediately following the show.



1. All pocket pets must be owned by the member prior to May 1. Exceptions may be made by the superintendents in hardship cases, i.e., illness or death of an animal.

2. Members may enter only one animal per class and are limited to three classes.

3. Only animals entered to be shown will be allowed to be exhibited.

4. On the day of the show, members must submit a project record for each animal being entered.

5. Members are not required to bring their animal’s habitat. However, animals must be transported safely and kept contained during the show.

6. All members must be present at the time their animals are judged in order to compete for grand champion and reserve champion trophies.

7. Members are encouraged, but not required, to wear a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants. Members should dress appropriately.

8. No pocket pets will be sold in the small animal auction.

9. Cloverbuds will show at the end of the 4-H show and before the open class show.



1107 Gerbils & Hamsters

1108 Guinea Pigs

1109 Reptiles

1110 Other

1111 Pocket Pet Project Records



Sheila Beutler, Tammy Brecht, and Diane Gaw ……………….……………………………Superintendents


Entered - First Saturday of Fair Week, 12:30-1 pm  in the small animal barn.

Judging starts at 1pm


Additional dog exhibits are listed under Department 17, section 1 - Animal Science



Cloverbud Rules

1. Cloverbuds may use their own dog or share a dog with an older 4Her.

2. The rules in all classes for 4Hers will be the same for Cloverbuds.

3. Cloverbuds will be evaluated only and will receive participation ribbons.


Cloverbud Classes

1.   Educational Project - A poster or notebook on dog breeds, grooming, health, etc.

2.   Showmanship - Cloverbuds should know their dog's breed and group.  Cloverbuds should know how to pose and gait their dog in the "Down and Back" and "Triangle" patterns.

3.   Obedience - Pre-novice (on lead). Cloverbuds will demonstrate with their dog how to heel with an automatic sit, fast and slow pace, right and left turns, the Figure 8 and a long sit (1 minute).

4.   Agility - Equipment used for the course is at the discretion of the superintendents.


1. The Dog superintendents, veterinarian or judge reserve the right to excuse any dog for aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs.

2. Dogs must be trained by the 4Her.

3. All dogs must be on a leash and kept in the designated area at all times, unless they are warming up or competing.

4. Puppies under one year of age are NOT allowed to compete at fair unless approved by the superintendents.

5. REQUIRED vaccinations are to be given two weeks BEFORE the fair dog show.  Required vaccinations are rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvo, and parainfluenza.

6. Proof of vaccinations are required on the day of the show.

7. 4Her's are required to turn in a completed Project Record form on the day of the show.

8. Dogs are required to be examined by the show veterinarian between 12:30 - 1:00 pm on the day of the show. There is a $1 donation per dog.

9. Project Records that are to be judged must be entered in Class # 1134 Dog Project Records.

10. 4Her's are required to attend at least eight classes each in obedience, showmanship and agility to compete at this year's fair. Classes are offered by the dog superintendents.

11. 4Her's in their second year and over may exhibit two dogs.

12. Females in season cannot participate in showmanship.



  1. Any clothing which draws undue attention to oneself, or clothing that may distract other handlers, spectators, or the judges(s), is unacceptable.

  2. Halter tops, low-cut blouses or sweaters, shorts, leggings (stretch/yoga pants), muscle shirts, hats, mini-skirts, denim of any type, style, or color, and bare mid-drifts are NOT ACCEPTABLE IN ANY CLASS.

  3. Skirts/culottes shorter than knee length are not recommended.

  4. Flat shoes such as tennis shoes should be worn by all exhibitors. Sandals, high heels, or boots are not recommended.

  5. Long hair should be tied back.

  6. Jewelry that makes noise or interferes with handling should be avoided.

  7. No clothing with the club or group name, personal identification, logos, or other printed word or words will be allowed.

  8. For Showmanship, participants should consider wearing skirts, culottes, dresses, or jumpers (with appropriate tops) no shorter than knee length, dress slacks, and a shirt and tie or turtleneck. (Jackets or suits are optional). Clothing should be neat and free from wrinkles. If at any time the judge feels your attire is not appropriate, it may reflect on your placement.

  9. For agility, athletic attire including shorts that are at least knee length, polo shirts or t-shirts free from the club or group name, personal identification, logos, or other printed words or sayings is acceptable.



1. 4Her's are required to compete in an obedience class.

2. Trophies will only be awarded for a qualifying score.

3. If you or your dog have received training other than the 4H classes, you are required to compete in the "B" classes.

4. NO treats allowed during competition at the fair.

5. 4Hers' dogs may stay in the same class for up to two years, then are required to move to the next level.

6. 4Hers' dogs who win first place, Champion or Reserve Champion with a qualifying score, are required to move up to the next level the following year.

7. Dogs being passed on to another 4Her are required to compete at the same level or higher. The only exception is Cloverbuds.

8. 4Her's who have earned a Companion Dog title on their dog may compete in the Novice B class for a period not to exceed six months from the date of earning the title. When the six-month period has expired, the dog is required to compete in the next level.

9. Females in season must be crated and will compete at the end of the obedience competition.



1112 Pre-Novice A- New dog and new handler in first year of dog project

1113 Pre-Novice B- Experienced handler and experienced dog, experienced handler and new dog, or new handler and experienced dog

1114 Novice (off lead)

1115 Graduate Novice

1116 Advanced Graduate Novice

1117 Open (an advanced 4-H obedience class)



1. Exhibits may consist of:

- a poster (28” x 22”) depicting some aspects of learning in the project area.

- and/or a notebook with a collection of information learned in the project area.

- and/or a three-dimensional display with maximum dimensions of 16” x 16” x 16”.

- and/or an item made by the exhibitor.

2. 4Her’s should be prepared to answer the judge's questions regarding their poster.



1118 Dog Poster



1. Dogs are required to be on a leash and in the designated area.

2. Ribbons will be awarded through sixth place for each class.

3. Second year and over 4Her's are required to compete in showmanship.



 1119        Junior Dog Showmanship, age 8

 1120      Junior Dog Showmanship, age 9

 1121     Junior Dog Showmanship, age 10

 1122      Junior Dog Showmanship, age 11

 1123     Intermediate Dog Showmanship, age 12

 1124      Intermediate Dog Showmanship, age 13

 1125      Intermediate Dog Showmanship, age 14

 1126      Senior Dog Showmanship, age 15

 1127      Senior Dog Showmanship, age 16

 1128      Senior Dog Showmanship, age 17

 1129      Senior Dog Showmanship, age 18

 1130      Senior Dog Showmanship, age 19



Intermediate and advanced classes MUST be approved by a superintendent.



1131 Beginner

1132 Intermediate

1133 Advanced




1134 Dog Project Records

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