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DEPARTMENT 11 Companion Animals 



Alecia Devantier & Madeline Devantier...……….…Superintendents


Judging (4-H, Cloverbud, Open): Thursday, 11:00am.

Check-in animals 30 minutes prior to the show.

Animals will be taken home immediately following the show.



1. All pocket pets must be owned by the member prior to May 1. Exceptions may be made by the superintendents in hardship cases, i.e., illness or death of an animal.

2. Members may enter only one animal per class and are limited to three classes.

3. Only animals entered to be shown will be allowed to be exhibited.

4. On the day of the show, members must submit a project record for each animal being entered.

5. Members are not required to bring their animal’s habitat. However, animals must be transported safely and kept contained during the show.

6. All members must be present at the time their animals are judged in order to compete for grand champion and reserve champion trophies.

7. Members are encouraged, but not required, to wear a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants. Members should dress appropriately.

8. No pocket pets will be sold in the small animal auction.

9. Cloverbuds will show at the end of the 4-H show and before the open class show.



1107 Gerbils & Hamsters

1108 Guinea Pigs

1109 Reptiles

1110 Other

1111 Pocket Pet Project Records


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