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Mike & Mandy Lattimer............................ Superintendent

Brian Courser.......................................... Superintendent


Enter Sunday - 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Showmanship and Judging begin Monday 9:00 a.m.

Dairy breeds will be limited to Holstein, Guernsey, Jersey, Brown Swiss and Ayrshire.


1.   Dairy feeders weigh-in is the 2nd Saturday in March.

2.   There will be no replacement of dairy feeders after 65 days from the weigh-in date.  Replacement animals must be tagged by appropriate superintendent and will not be eligible for rate of gain competition.

3.   This project is open to Isabella County youth ages 8 -19.

4.   Classes will be divided so that nearly an equal number of steers will be shown in each weight class.

5.   Youth exhibitors may weigh-in two animals, but may exhibit only one.

6.   Feeders will be weighed in on entry day of fair week, and must be at least 400 pounds to be sold at auction.  Feeders weighing less may be shown in showmanship classes only, but not sold.

7.   Charts must be posted above animals showing show weight and daily rate of gain.

8.   Youth exhibitors will exhibit animals for judging and participate in showmanship classes.

9.  Grand, Reserve and Rate of Gain winners need to be moved to champion pens by 10 AM the day following the show.

10. Be sure to read the general rules and special rules for sale of livestock.

11. Rope halter shall remain on livestock until the animal is released from the fairgrounds.  Failure to do so will result in a $20.00 fine per animal.  Money will be taken out of Livestock Producer’s check from the sale.  Money will be placed in a building fund for the barns.




    48-49  8 year old                                             

    50-52   9 year old

    53-55   10 year old                                        

    56-58   11 year old



    59-61   12 year old                         

    62-64   13 year old

    65-67   14 year old   

    68-70   15 year old                                                   



   71-73   16 year old

   74-76   17 year old

   77-79   18 year old

   80-82   19 year old




83-85      Weight

86-88      Weight

89-91      Weight

92-94      Weight

95-97      Weight

  98-100    Weight

  101-103   Weight

  104-106  Weight

  107-109  Weight

  110-112  Weight

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