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for Poultry, Rabbit, and Goat members


1.   All exhibits must be the actual project of the member who is showing the animal(s). All small animals must be in the member’s possession on or before May 1 of the current year, with the exception of rabbits in the Market Class and poultry in the Broiler Project.  Market rabbits may be born after May 1 if the member owns the mother by May 1. Arrangements may also now be made with a breeder who has appropriate breed/herd stock to lease the mother for the Market rabbit project.  A signed and dated lease agreement must be secured prior to May 1, which will also be required documentation turned in with the member’s rabbit project record information on check-in day of fair. Market rabbits must consist of young rabbits raised from birth by the member — not purchased. Poultry members who choose to enter only an egg exhibit at the fair must own their hens by May 1. Birds exhibited as part of the Broiler Project must be ordered through the Extension Office by April 30.  Broiler project guidelines are available at the Extension Office.


 2. Poultry and Rabbit members may exhibit up to three different classes of their choice, plus showmanship; for poultry members, two pens of birds and a dozen eggs. An entry of Market Rabbits counts as one class: rabbit members may then also enter two other single rabbit classes, for a total of three classes. Goat members are allowed to enter up to four goats and should request the number of pens to be reserved when pre-registering for the fair.


3.   All animals must be free from contagious disease and parasites or will not be allowed to enter. Rabbits need to have a legible, permanent tattoo (identification) in the ear. At entry time, all poultry will be leg banded for identification and pullorium tested, unless requirements have been previously met and documentation provided. Each bird will be examined for signs of disease and external parasites. Dust poultry for lice six weeks, four weeks, and two weeks prior to the fair.


4.   All Small Animal members must participate in Showmanship with the exception of first year members, who may opt out, if they wish. All animals brought to the fair must be entered in regular judging classes. Members with disqualified animals and birds at entry time (or those who lost an animal after June 15) will be assigned an animal or bird to use during showmanship if they wish to compete. Superintendents will assist with this process.


5.   Members must be present during breed judging and take their animals or birds to the judge when their class is called, unless a hardship case is presented to the superintendent ahead of time, such as a conflict with other species events. Class placement and evaluation is at the discretion of the judge and is final.


6.   Cages/pens, rabbit pellets/poultry feed, and sawdust will be provided by the Small Animal Association. Rabbit members must provide dishes for feed and water (or water bottles). Feed dishes will be provided for poultry members, and water bottles are recommended for poultry pens - waterers that may tip over will not be allowed.


7.   All exhibitors are required to keep cages/pens and exhibit area clean and neat. Animals must be fed and watered twice daily (at a minimum) by 10am and 7pm Failure to do the above will result in a $20 charge per cage/pen per day. Money will be taken out of member’s auction check if available, or shall be paid to the Small Animal Association for deposit in the general treasury. Exhibitors in violation of above rule will have their name posted each day the violation occurs.


8.   If a member wishes to participate in the Small Animal Auction, please refer to SMALL ANIMAL AUCTION RULES. PLEASE NOTE: A separate registration is required which is due by the fair entry deadline.


9.   If a Small Animal member experiences a loss of their project animal after May 1, they should report it to the appropriate superintendent. Animals may be replaced until June 15 if all prior deadlines were met. After June 15, members may not purchase a new animal. To get credit for completing their project, members may choose to enter a notebook or educational exhibit along with completed project records. See Rule 4 above for Showmanship participation.


10. All poultry will be judged by the American Standard of Perfection. Rabbits will be judged by the American Rabbit Breeders Association Standard of Perfection.


11. Please read the General Rules and Regulations that apply to all Livestock exhibits.



All small animal members are required to complete a Small Animal Project Record and turn it in as part of the entry day process on the first Sunday of fair week. This includes first year poultry members who choose to only exhibit eggs. Members will be allowed to choose either the Simple Form (which will not be judged in competition) or the Small Animal Project Record for each species, which also needs to be entered in the correct class on the fair entry form, found under each species category.




ALL 4-H & FFA POULTRY, RABBITS, AND GOATS MUST REMAIN IN THE SMALL ANIMAL BARN ON DISPLAY FROM ENTRY DAY UNTIL THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY OF FAIR WEEK.  MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARE OF ANIMALS DURING THIS ENTIRE TIME FRAME.  Release time for poultry, rabbits, and goats is between 8 – 10am the second Sunday of fair week.  All small animal members are expected to be present to help dismantle cages and clean the barn between 8– 10am the second Sunday of fair week.



Friday 2pm

Darlene Misenhelder............................ Superintendent


The winners of each Small Animal Showmanship Award (Rabbits, Poultry, Goats, and Dogs) will advance to the Overall Small Animal Showmanship contest to be held on Friday at 2pm If a member wins in more than one species, the superintendent will choose by blind draw which species the member will represent in overall competition; thus, the Reserve Champion winner in the other species is eligible to compete in Overall Showmanship. Members will be required to show all species.  All ties will be broken during the competition.

Long-sleeved, denim shirts will be awarded to participants, which are to be worn with nice jeans (no holes in fabric) for competition. An informational meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon for all participants.

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