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1.   Small animal members who plan to sell a goat, rabbit, or poultry project in the Small Animal Auction on Wednesday evening must pre-register for the Auction by registration deadline.  Auction registration is an online process.  Details and deadlines are provided via email notification to registered members.

2.   All Grand and Reserve Champions must be sold in the Small Animal Auction and may be added after judging is completed if not already entered. Goat does may be sold if the 4-H member wishes, but not required.

3.   Members are limited to selling one species in the Small Animal Auction, unless the member has multiple Grand/Reserve animals – refer to #2 above.

4.   Only exhibits which receive an A or B rating may be sold in the auction.

5.   Rabbit members must turn in a FULLY COMPLETED pedigree as part of the fair entry process on Sunday. If no pedigree is submitted, the sale bill will be so noted.  Superintendents reserve the right to disallow rabbits with inadequate pedigrees from the auction.

6.   Any small animals which receive a “C” rating, or animals not shown on show day, cannot be sold in the Small Animal Auction. Members are also required to bring their own animals to the sale ring on the night of the auction unless prior arrangements have been made with the small animal superintendents.

7.   The member is responsible for the care of the animal after the auction until it is released to the buyer Sunday morning between 8- 10am  Also see special note in text box on top of page 41.  It is the member’s responsibility to follow all stated expectations—no exceptions.

8.   Small animal members will receive 90% of the highest bid on each animal sold with the remainder going to the Small Animal Association to cover cost of pens, feed, supplies, buyer appreciation banquet, etc. If the animal is donated back by the first buyer to be resold, then the lesser amount goes into the Small Animal Association treasury for the above-mentioned expenses. If a members auction check is misplaced, lost, or expired, there will be a $15.00 replacement fee. The fee will be deducted from the original check amount. If the replacement check is misplaced, lost, or expired, the amount of the check will be forfeited to the Small Animal Association treasury to cover various costs associated with all the small animal species areas.

9.   If a member is interested in purchasing an animal during the resale, they will need to register as a buyer and bid on the animal. It is mandatory to have the resale value of that animal deducted from their auction check. Any issues with this practice will be addressed by the superintendents. 

10.  As a matter of etiquette, members are discouraged from approaching buyers during the sale and asking for their animals back.

11. Poultry members selling eggs in the auction are responsible for the refrigeration of such eggs from judging time on Monday until the auction on Wednesday evening. The eggs will NOT be resold and will be given to the buyer at the time of purchase.

12. All animals (whether in the auction or not) must be checked out with the appropriate species superintendent on fair check out day; the second Sunday of fair week, between 8 -10am.

13. To sell a small animal at the fair, 4-H and FFA members must be a resident of Isabella County and a member in good standing in an Isabella County Club.  4-H & FFA members who do not reside in Isabella County must be granted approval from the Small Animal Association.  4-H and FFA members requesting to enter into the Isabella County Fair to sell a small animal must not have sold at another county fair for a one-year period.  The requesting individual must have made contact with the Small Animal Association on or before May 1 of the year they are requesting to sell a small animal in Isabella County.

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